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Remote Control LED Lights


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One of the many great features of LED lighting is the massive variety of different types available. And, even better, a huge number of the Mirrorstone varieties come complete with their own dedicated remote controller which will enable you to achieve different lighting effects.

For instance, if you’re simply looking for a bulb to brighten and illuminate a room in your home, one such as the GU10 RGB LED - 3W = 30W with its free remote will be perfect. It has a GU10 base that will enable you to simply retrofit it into an existing, compatible light fitting where it will produce lighting effects such as fade, strobe, flash and smooth, as well as a dazzling combination of 16 colours.

LED Cost-Effectiveness

As with all LEDs these all-in-one units are incredibly energy-efficient, long-lasting and environmentally friendly, consuming just a tiny amount of the power yet emitting the same amount of light as a traditional halogen bulb.

And, you won’t only save money on power and replacements when you switch from halogen lighting to LED, because you’ll also save between 10 and 20% on many products when you apply our latest promotional code to the contents of your shopping cart.

So Many Different Types To Choose From!

If you’re looking for an all-in-one, fitting-and-bulb unit which combines the excellence of LED lighting with the most up-to-date design aesthetics currently available, you’ll definitely want to check out products from our premium Gaia range like the bestselling Carnelian RGBW LED Ceiling Light.

These hi-tech fittings will look great in any of your rooms, their integral LEDs producing a stunning display of RGBW LED light for a fraction of the power required by an equally bright halogen light.

Perfect for all your outdoor lighting requirements, our range of IP67 (Ingress Protection), remotely controlled RGB Floodlights will make your summer party go with a swing and will provide great security lighting too.

And what’s more, they’re available from 30W right up to 100W, giving you the choice of brightness from 2340 to a massive 5000 lumens for your garden or outdoor area.

Our most popular products, the controllable LED strip kits with their RF remote, come in many varieties and, depending on the type you choose, you’ll be able to achieve some incredible lighting effects, both indoors and out.

For utter simplicity, they cannot be beaten. The kits each come with a reel of LED strip light, a remote control unit and a plug-and-play power adaptor.

All of our LED products boast an unbelievably long life-expectancy in comparison with the halogen and fluorescent lights they’re designed to replace. Indeed, with life expectancies ranging from 30,000 to 50,000 hours, they’ll save you a great deal of money on replacements during the course of their lives!

If you purchase any of the aforementioned LED lights and your order exceeds £40.00 it will be shipped to you totally free-of-charge, and every pound you spend will generate reward points that can save you up to 10% on the price of a future purchase.

Protection For you And Your Products

When you purchase one of our products, you’ll have a full 28 days to decide if it’s right for you and, if not, you’ll be free to return it in exchange for a replacement or a refund.

Please bear in mind that many of our products are special order items that aren’t kept in-store so, regrettably, we’ll be obliged to charge a 15% restocking fee if you do decide to return them.

This doesn’t apply to all of our Remote Control LED Lights, however, so if you’re at all unsure about any aspect of your purchase, please ring and speak with a member of our customer service team on 0116 321 4120 or send an email to if you’d prefer.

You can also contact us via our social media pages, so pop on over to Facebook or Twitter right away and post a query or a comment.

Each type of Remote Control LED Light comes complete with a manufacturer’s replacement warranty, so please check the individual product description pages for details of their durations.