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High Power LED Downlights

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If you’re looking for a stylish and discreet lighting solution for your home or business, why not consider installing one or more of these High Power LED Downlights from Mirrorstone?

They’re great looking, boasting a robust die-cast aluminium fascia, and they all feature fully integrated LEDs so there’ll be no need for you to search the internet for a compatible bulb.

These lights are available in a choice of two great colour temperatures, so you’ll be able to tailor the lighting ambience of your room according to its function. In the drop down menu, simply indicate whether you’d prefer cool (6000K) or warm (3000K) white and let us know whether you’d like the dimmable or non-dimmable option before you place your order.

Incredibly convenient and easy to install in your suspended or “drop” ceiling, you’ll simply need to cut an appropriately sized hole and then drop them in using the two sturdy metal butterfly clips to secure them in place.

Once your downlight is correctly fitted into your ceiling, it will achieve a beam angle of 45° that will give you the perfect light dispersal for your room. Even better, these lights will reduce the amount your currently spending on your electricity as they’re a whole lot more energy efficient than the halogen models you may be using right now.

They’ll also last one heck of a lot longer. Indeed, these stunning light fittings have a life expectancy of 50,000 hours which means they’ll last for over 17 years if you have them switched on for 8 hours every single night

Depending upon the number of these brilliant downlights you require for your room, you may qualify for free shipping on your order if it exceeds £40.00 and, when you apply the latest of our promotional codes to your shopping cart you’ll be given a discount of 10 to 20% on this and many other selected products.

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Check Out The Whole Range!

You’ll be very happy to learn that these stunning High Powered LED Downlights are available in a variety of different wattages, so you’ll be able to select exactly the right one to suit your requirements.

The selection begins with the most diminutive 3W Fitted Downlight, however, the number of lumens this fitting generates is anything but tiny. Yes, 260 lumens will be more than sufficient light to read by, and you’ll be able to create a great effect when you install it in a small kitchen or entrance hall.

The 5W model emits a very respectable 430 lumens of brightness and, like all of these fittings it has a tilt capability that will enable you to direct your light at just the right spot.

The number of lumens these lights produce rise as the power rises, with the 7 Watt, 9 Watt and 12 Watt models generating more and more until you reach the massive 1500 lumens of the 18 Watt Fitted LED Downlight that will comfortably illuminate quite a large room all on its own!

Our Great Customer Service Pledges

Buy any one of our great LED lighting products and you’ll have a full 14 days to cancel them if, for some reason, they quite don’t match your expectations. Simply give us a call and arrange to return your purchase in its original packaging and we’ll be happy to offer you a replacement item or a refund.

All of these light fittings are sold complete with a 2-year Mirrorstone Manufacturer’s Replacement Warranty, so you’ll be fully protected in the unlikely event of anything going wrong with them in the future.

Should you wish to place your order right now, just contact a member of our customer service team by dialling 0116 321 4120 or by sending an email to

You can also contact us via our Facebook and Twitter accounts where your query will also receive a very swift response.