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IP65 Fire Rated MR16 LED Downlights

IP65 Fire Rated MR16 LED Downlights

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If you’re in the process of renovating your home and safety is a priority, these Mirrorstone  IP65 Fire-Rated LED Downlights are exactly the type of light fitting you’re looking for.

They incorporate a unique, intumescent material into their makeup that expands when exposed to the heat of a fire, thus filling any small gaps left when the ceiling was cut and creating an air-tight, fire-resistant seal.

This will afford you and the other occupants of the building an extra 90 minutes of safety in the event of a fire, which should be more than sufficient time for you to evacuate and alert the emergency services.

While fire-rated products of this type are slightly more expensive initially, we believe that the minimal extra cost is more than outweighed by the peace-of-mind they’ll afford you.

Massively Versatile!

These fittings have a high level of Ingress Protection, so you’ll be able to use them in all kinds of environments, whether moderately wet or completely dry. Indeed, their IP65 rating will ensure that they’re not adversely affected by dirt, dust or even low pressure jets of water!

Each requiring a single MR16 LED Spotlight Bulb, you’ll be able to decide upon the colour temperature of your light, thus tailoring the ambience of the room according to its function. Simply indicate whether you’d prefer the cool (6000K) or the warm (3000K) colour temperature, and if you require an appropriate driver to be included in your order.

A Huge Number Of Different Products To Choose From

If you don’t believe that fire-rated products are strictly necessary, it’s no problem because we have an enormous number of other types of LED downlights on offer, too.

For instance, our range of GU10 downlights gives you the opportunity to use our bestselling GU10 LED Bulb and, if you don’t have a great deal of recess space to spare in your suspended ceiling, we also stock a range of Short Can GU10 Fittings to solve the problem.

If you have no space at all to recess your downlight fittings, we have a selection of Surface Panel Lights that can easily be affixed to any flat plane, be it a ceiling or a wall.

Make Some Super LED Savings!

Unless you’re looking to illuminate a very small room, you’ll need to calculate the correct number of these downlights for the size of your room, but however many you install, you can be confident that they’ll save you a great deal of money both on electricity and replacement bulbs.

Quite aside from the money you’ll save on electricity and replacement bulbs by switching to LED, you’ll also save between 10 and 20% on these fittings and many other products simply by applying the latest promotional code to the contents of your shopping cart.

Every pound you spend will earn reward points with which you’ll be able to gain a discount of up to 10% on a future purchase, or simply redeem the next time you visit our store.

And, any order you place that’s valued at £40.00 or more will be shipped completely free-of-charge.

Protection For Your Order

All orders can be cancelled within 14 days in exchange for a refund or a replacement, if you don’t feel they’re quite right for you.

These are special order items, so please be prepared for an extra 3 – 5 day delivery time and a 15% restocking charge if you do decide to return one.

Each is protected for 12 months by our manufacturer’s replacement warranty, but if there’s anything at all you’d like to ask us about, please don’t hesitate to call us on 0116 321 4120 or send an email to:

You can also contact us via our Facebook or Twitter social media pages if you prefer.