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T5 LED Tube Lights

T5 LED Tube Lights

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Our T5 LED tubes are designed to replacement your existing fluorescent T5s and use a fraction of the energy. They also last a lot longer, which is great, because you don't need to worry about changing them as often. Ultimately, upgrading to T5 LED tubes will save you heaps loads of cash.

What To Look At Before Buying

Buying T5 LED tubes is actually really easy. Our lighting solutions aren't a tube per se. When you by our T5 tubes you are getting the entire fitting. Installation-wise this means you just need to remove your existing tubes and fittings and connect our fittings to the mains supply. All of our tubes have an internal driver so you don't need to worry about buying one separately.

When buying T5's there is only really one consideration, which is the length. T5s come in a few standard lengths, which are 600mm (2ft), 900mm (3ft), 1200mm (4ft) and 1500mm (5ft).

If you are upgrading, all you need to worry about is replacing like-for-like as, despite their low wattage, our T5's emit the same amount of light as traditional fluorescent tubes.

In some cases they are brighter as fluorescent tubes become dimmer towards the end of their life. If you are installing T5's for the first time you just need to measure the space you are putting them into.

Our T5 LED tubes are supplied with fixing brackets and a connector. They can also be fitted end-to-end to create longer lengths of light.

Finally, they are available in two colour temperatures: cool white and warm white. To learn more about colour temperature see our some frequently asked questions on colour temperature.

Where Can I Use T5 LED Tubes?

One of the most common applications for T5 tube lights is as under cabinet lighting in the kitchen. Increasingly we are finding customer are opting for flexible LED strip lights instead of T5's for this application, but T5s are still a popular choice regardless.

T5 tubes also work well as lighting for walk in wardrobes, particularly when used in conjunction with a pressure switch or occupancy sensor so the light comes on automatically when the door is opened.

Why Choose Mirrorstone?

If you are stuck for which T5 tubes to buy, look no further than Mirrorstone Lighting because of the quality of all LED tube lights we stock which is unmatched.

Each LED tube is manufactured with a high quality heat sink to ensure that the LEDs operate at optimum temperature. T5s using poor quality heat sinks have a tendency to overheat causing them to fail prematurely.

Moreover, the quality of the drivers is important. In the context of lighting, the driver is the part of the system that works hardest as it is converting 240v to 12v. Lights manufactured with poor quality drivers don't meet the life expectancies usually quoted by retailers.

Mirrorstone has taken the time and effort to ensure only the best quality heat sinks and drivers are used in their tubes. As such you can be certain that our tubes last. That is why in most cases, unless otherwise specified in the product specification table, products are supported by a comprehensive 2 year guarantee for your peace of mind.

We are open for both individual customers and trade entities, that is why apart from our wholesale rates, we also run discount codes and volume discounts on selected products that our clients can take advantage of.

If you have any questions regarding our offer feel free to contact our customer service team by e-mail on or on the phone on 0116 321 4120.