LED Bulbs, Lamps And SpotlightsIf you’re thinking of replacing your old, traditional light bulbs with some bang-up-to-date, energy-efficient LED light bulbs, you’re going to need to know that you’re buying the right bulbs for your particular light fittings.

The part of a light bulb that connects to the light fitting is commonly known as the "cap" or "fitting". This provides the electrical connection and a secure fixing for the bulb. It also makes it easy to replace the bulb, great for when you want to switch from your existing incandescent bulbs to low energy LEDs.

Given that our LED light bulbs are designed to retrofit perfectly into your existing fittings, you can always find the correct type by comparing the fitting from your existing bulb to those advertised on our website.

Below you’ll find a selection of the light bulb fittings we sell here at Wholesale LED Lights.

LED Spotlight Bulbs

GU10 And GU5.3 FittingsThere are two main types of spotlight. There are mains-voltage (240v) spotlights with GU10 fittings, and low-voltage (12v) spotlights with GU5.3 fittings.

The GU10 fitting consists of two large prongs spaced 10mm apart, while the GU5.3 fitting that’s utilised by MR16's and MR11's, features two straight pins.

These two types of fitting are not interchangeable, so it’s important to make sure you’re purchasing the correct one.

The easiest method of distinguishing between a GU10 and GU5.3 fitting is by observing the way they insert into their holders. The GU10 requires a push/ twist action, while the GU5.3 is inserted directly.

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LED Bayonet Cap Light Bulbs

The bayonet cap or ‘BC’ fitting is one of the most common domestic light fittings in the UK. It can be identified by the two locating lugs that fix the bulb into place. A push/twist action is all that’s required to fit the bulb.

B22 And B15 Fittings

Bayonet caps come in two sizes. There’s the B22 which has a diameter of 22mm, and then there’s the smaller B15 with a 15mm diameter.

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LED Edison Screw Fittings

The Edison Screw or ‘ES’ fitting derives its name from the pioneering inventor Thomas Edison. The fitting resembles a threaded screw and fits into place by turning the bulb clockwise.

E27 And E14 Fittings

ES fittings come in two common sizes. The E27 has a diameter of 27mm, while the smaller E14 is 14mm in diameter.

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LED G4 & G9 Fittings

G4 And G9 Fittings

As you can see, the G4 fitting consists of two straight pins, and is commonly found in low-voltage capsules that are used in desk lamps and other similar applications. The G9, on the other hand, is a mains voltage fitting, featuring two metallic loops.

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Should you require any further information about LED light bulb fittings, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our customer service team on 0116 321 4120.

You can also send us an e-mail enquiry to cs@wled.co.uk if you’d prefer.