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  1. 5 LED Lighting Ideas For Your Kitchen.

    LED strip lights are an amazing finishing touch, but they’re especially popular in kitchens. We’re looking at some bright ideas for incorporating LED tape into your kitchen. Continue reading →
  2. LEDs In Shop Displays: A Match Made In Heaven

    LEDs are amazing anywhere, but if you own a shop then they could be the key to driving big sales! Here’s why… Continue reading →
  3. 3 Reasons To Use Solar Powered LED Floodlights

    Floodlights are a great way to power your home, but are solar powered models truly viable? Continue reading →
  4. Understanding Vampire Appliances And How Much They Cost You

    This week, we’re taking a look at vampires! No not the horror movie monsters, we’re looking at smart appliances, and how they can still consume power when you’re not using them. Continue reading →
  5. Stop Worrying About Turning Off Your Lights

    ‘Who left these lights on?’ was probably the source of a lot of arguments in your home when you were younger, but LEDs can put an end to this argument for good. Here’s how. Continue reading →
  6. 2.4Ghz Vs 5GHz: What’s The Difference And How Will They Impact My Smart Home?

    You may see a lot of our smart home products talking about 2.4Ghz frequencies. What does this mean for your smart ecosystem? Continue reading →
  7. Lighting The Way With Outdoor Post Lights

    Post lights are a perfect companion to your driveways and paths, standing tall over the ground and casting light around them. If you’re not sure where to start, take a look at our guide to this unique style of outdoor light. Continue reading →
  8. The First 5 Things You Should Do With Your New Smart Bulbs

    So you’ve replaced your old bulbs with smart ones, you’ve set things up through a compatible gateway- now what? Here’s a quick guide to organising your new smart lighting setup. Continue reading →
  9. 5 Things You Need Before You Start Your Next Home Automation Project

    Home automation is the home upgrade everyone is talking about! Here’s everything you’ll need to make your next project go smoothly. Continue reading →
  10. What Is A Lux?

    You might be clear on the difference between watts and lumens, but what’s a lux? Understanding this measurement could be key to getting the lighting effects you need for your property. Continue reading →

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