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LEDs in Action

  1. The WLED 2019 Summer Style Guide

    With June 21 marking the First Day of Summer, we are happy that the Sun is (hopefully) here to stay, ice-cream vans are singing away and we can swap jackets for sunglasses. Continue reading →
  2. The WLED 2019 Spring Style Guide

    Spring is officially here and that means Spring Cleaning, April Showers and a home décor revamp! Gone are the Winter Blues, fluffy furniture and Christmas reds. How can you turn your home from Winter Wonderland to Spring Spectacular with on-trend illumination? Keep reading… Continue reading →
  3. Illuminate Your Bedroom the Right Way

    Your bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your house. That’s why getting the lighting right is imperative. Therefore, here are a few thoughts on what you can do with your bedroom lighting. pendant in room Continue reading →
  4. These LED Headlights Are Hella Good

    LEDs are super flexible in their usage. From colour-changing strip lights to brilliantly energy-efficient LED light bulbs, there’s something special for every home. But what about outside the home? What about on your car?... vw touareg Continue reading →
  5. Cook Up Some New Lighting For Your Kitchen!

    As the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your house, it’s so important to get the interior design right. And in terms of a fantastic interior design, your lighting can absolutely raise your kitchen game.Kitchen with LED lighting Continue reading →
  6. Leicestershire’s LED Energy-Saving Mission Almost Complete

    If you find yourself out and about in Leicestershire, you may have noticed engineers working on the streetlights. This huge task to replace the bulbs has been underway for around two years, and is nearly complete. Streetlights Continue reading →
  7. A Bright Birthday Present For NASCAR’s Oldest Circuit!

    As the oldest track in NASCAR turned 70, fans and drivers alike were treated to a completely new LED lighting system for the first time in September 2017! [caption id="attachment_14870" align="aligncenter" width="1000"]Image taken by Mike Paris, courtesy of Image taken by Mike Paris, courtesy of[/caption] Continue reading →
  8. What Do The Colour Of Your LEDs Say About You?

    Colour Palette LED lights come with many advantages. One of the great things about them is the fact that they can emit any colour without the need for any filters, unlike older halogen or fluorescent lights. This gives you a lot of choices when picking a colour – but how much does your character influence which colour you choose? Continue reading →
  9. Can LEDs Be Used To Grow Plants And Vegetables?

    Field Growing crops isn’t an easy thing to do, as there are so many variables – some out of our control. These include the amount of sunlight and rainwater that crops receive. But what if we could control at least one of these? What if we could use LED lights to grow crops and other plants – right through the year? Continue reading →
  10. Allianz Arena Scores Massive Savings With LED Lighting

    Allianz Arena Of FC Bayern MunichThe Allianz Arena – home of European footballing behemoth FC Bayern Munich – became the continent’s largest stadium to feature dynamic colourful lights on the entirety of its exterior. Continue reading →

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