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LEDs in Action

  1. LEDs And Fire Safety

    12% of all fires in the UK are caused by electrical appliances. How do LEDs factor into this? Continue reading →
  2. How Do LEDs Actually Work?

    We’ve talked a lot about all the amazing advantages that come from using LED bulbs over other methods of lighting…but how do they actually work? Continue reading →
  3. Beat Rising Energy Costs With LEDs

    Has the energy price cap increase hit your bank account? Here’s one of the simplest ways to lower your energy costs! Continue reading →
  4. Boosting Safety With LED Lighting

    Want to improve safety around your home or business? Discover how LEDs are a great and simple upgrade that will keep you, your family or your employees as safe as possible, while also keeping your costs low! Continue reading →
  5. 5 Lighting Trends For 2022

    If you’re looking to refresh your space, we’ve put together this handy list of the newest lighting trends to watch out for in the coming year! Continue reading →
  6. How To Brighten Your Mood With LED Lights!

    Spring is on the way, but there are still a lot of gloomy grey days to get through before the brighter days arrive. Here’s how LEDs can help keep you and your home feeling perky and energised. Continue reading →
  7. 3 Ways LEDs Can Boost Productivity

    Whether you’re outfitting a classroom, an office or even if you’re looking to enhance your work from home setup, LEDs are the way to go! Here’s why LED lighting is the best option on the market for a productivity boost. Continue reading →
  8. Outdoor Lighting: What IP Rating Do I Need?

      When shopping for outdoor lighting, getting the right IP rating is key for maximising longevity and safety. Here’s our guide to what IP ratings you’ll need for different parts of your garden. Continue reading →
  9. LEDs & Heat: What You Need To Know

    LEDs are said to generate a lot less heat when compared to other kinds of light. Is this true? We’re taking a look at everything you need to know about LEDs and heat! Continue reading →
  10. 5 Reasons Why Your LED Light Bulbs Are Burning Out

    One of the biggest selling points of LED bulbs is their massive lifespans, but what should you do if you find yours are burning out before their time? Continue reading →

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