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LEDs in Action

  1. Are LEDs Dangerous?

    Short Answer? No. Long Answer? Read on… Continue reading →
  2. LEDs In Shop Displays: A Match Made In Heaven

    LEDs are amazing anywhere, but if you own a shop then they could be the key to driving big sales! Here’s why… Continue reading →
  3. Fact Or Fiction: LED Light Therapy

    Have you seen those LED face masks on Instagram? We’re taking a look at what all the fuss is about. Continue reading →
  4. 3 Reasons To Use Solar Powered LED Floodlights

    Floodlights are a great way to power your home, but are solar powered models truly viable? Continue reading →
  5. Nottingham To Replace 34,300 Streetlights With LEDS

    LEDs are a key part of redeveloping cities to be greener and safer! Here’s what Nottingham city council are doing… Continue reading →
  6. Upgrade Your LEDs with Aluminium Profiles

    LED strips are famous for the versatility, but not everyone likes the look of the bare strips. This is where profiles come in… Continue reading →
  7. Stop Worrying About Turning Off Your Lights

    ‘Who left these lights on?’ was probably the source of a lot of arguments in your home when you were younger, but LEDs can put an end to this argument for good. Here’s how. Continue reading →
  8. How LEDs Can Reduce Your Risk Of Falling

    There are loads of unexpected benefit that come from swapping to LEDs, but a recent study from Harvard has revealed another! Continue reading →
  9. 2.4Ghz Vs 5GHz: What’s The Difference And How Will They Impact My Smart Home?

    You may see a lot of our smart home products talking about 2.4Ghz frequencies. What does this mean for your smart ecosystem? Continue reading →
  10. Reducing Costs In Your Business With Smart Lighting!

    Whether you’re investing in a brand-new commercial space, or looking to upgrade what’s already there, smart lighting is a fantastic option for creating a more modern and more effective office space. Continue reading →

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