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Benefits of LEDs

  1. Are LEDs Dangerous?

    Short Answer? No. Long Answer? Read on… Continue reading →
  2. LEDs In Shop Displays: A Match Made In Heaven

    LEDs are amazing anywhere, but if you own a shop then they could be the key to driving big sales! Here’s why… Continue reading →
  3. Fact Or Fiction: LED Light Therapy

    Have you seen those LED face masks on Instagram? We’re taking a look at what all the fuss is about. Continue reading →
  4. 3 Reasons To Use Solar Powered LED Floodlights

    Floodlights are a great way to power your home, but are solar powered models truly viable? Continue reading →
  5. Nottingham To Replace 34,300 Streetlights With LEDS

    LEDs are a key part of redeveloping cities to be greener and safer! Here’s what Nottingham city council are doing… Continue reading →
  6. How To Save On Your Christmas Lights With LEDs

    Ever looked at a neighbour’s house that’s absolutely festooned in festive lights and wondered how much they cost to run? The answer might be less than you think. Continue reading →
  7. Stop Worrying About Turning Off Your Lights

    ‘Who left these lights on?’ was probably the source of a lot of arguments in your home when you were younger, but LEDs can put an end to this argument for good. Here’s how. Continue reading →
  8. How LEDs Can Reduce Your Risk Of Falling

    There are loads of unexpected benefit that come from swapping to LEDs, but a recent study from Harvard has revealed another! Continue reading →
  9. Reducing Costs In Your Business With Smart Lighting!

    Whether you’re investing in a brand-new commercial space, or looking to upgrade what’s already there, smart lighting is a fantastic option for creating a more modern and more effective office space. Continue reading →
  10. The First 5 Things You Should Do With Your New Smart Bulbs

    So you’ve replaced your old bulbs with smart ones, you’ve set things up through a compatible gateway- now what? Here’s a quick guide to organising your new smart lighting setup. Continue reading →

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