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LEDs in the Home

  1. The WLED 2020 Autumn Style Guide

    September 22 marks the first official day of Autumn and we cannot wait to walk over crunchy leaves, cuddle up in blankets and enjoy as many hot drinks as we can. Continue reading →
  2. Illuminate Your Kitchen The Right Way

    Before we know it, Summer will be coming to an end and – despite the beautiful Outdoor Lighting you purchased for the season – its time to think about revamping the interior. The living room may be the heart of the home but, the kitchen is definitely the stomach. So, let us guide you on some trends and tricks for...
  3. The WLED 2019 Summer Style Guide

    With June 21 marking the First Day of Summer, we are happy that the Sun is (hopefully) here to stay, ice-cream vans are singing away and we can swap jackets for sunglasses. Continue reading →
  4. The WLED 2019 Spring Style Guide

    Spring is officially here and that means Spring Cleaning, April Showers and a home décor revamp! Gone are the Winter Blues, fluffy furniture and Christmas reds. How can you turn your home from Winter Wonderland to Spring Spectacular with on-trend illumination? Keep reading… Continue reading →
  5. A Guide To LEDs In The Bathroom

    Illuminating the bathroom is a difficult job. As a room we don’t spend all day in, the lighting needs to be just right to match every time of day and every demand. Not to mention, water and electrics together are not a great combination if it hasn’t been thought out properly. Our guide will inform you of all the little details you need to know and even some styling tips for your space. Continue reading →
  6. What is Integrated Lighting?

    While LEDs aren’t exactly the newest kid on the block, the technology is becoming increasingly popular for domestic usage due to all the benefits making the switch to them can bring. They come in an array of styles, colours and sizes – but firstly, we must consider the difference between integrated and retrofit fittings. Continue reading →
  7. Five Tips for Living Room Lighting to Spruce up Your Home

    The living room is possibly the most important room in your entire house. From movie marathons to hosting family, or enjoying a quiet read in the evening, most of your activities will take place in the living room. Therefore, getting the lighting is key to creating a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere. living room pendant Continue reading →
  8. Fun Fittings For Your Little One

    With a whole new range of children’s fittings, we are guaranteed to have the perfect fixture for your child’s room. Our lights have style yet plenty of substance; LEDs are a wise pick for a little one as they have so many safe advantages which make them child-friendly. Continue reading →
  9. How to Light Up Your Dining Room

    If the living room is the heart of the home, then the dining room is the stomach. Being the meeting place for cutting birthday cakes, Christmas dinners and romantic meals in, it is only right the dining area is lit appropriately. Here we have a few expert ideas on how to dress your space with LEDs. Continue reading →
  10. New Here at Wholesale LED Lights

    Exciting times are here at WLED, with hundreds of brand new products stocked and ready for you. We’ve got amazing new ranges of existing products, with some fantastic upgrades to the lights we all know and love. new arrivals Continue reading →

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