After months of research and development Wholesale LED Lights is excited to reveal the latest addition to our LED-range. Called Omni-LED, these bulbs are an LED in disguise, made to look and feel just like a traditional incandescent bulb. Read on to find out more.

What is Omni-LED?

Omni-LED bulbs are a new type of LED light bulb that combine all the benefits of an LED (low energy, long lasting, no heat) with the popular and nostalgic design of a traditional incandescent bulb.

What does the 'omni' in Omni-LED stand for?

Omni is short for omnidirectional. The online dictionary defines omnidirectional as "capable of transmitting or receiving signals in all directions." In the context of lighting it refers to a light source capable of emitting light in all directions

How do they work?

Omni-LED bulbs use a special type of LED called an LED-filament. Put simply, an LED-filament is an LED made to look just like a filament.

What makes them better?

Because of their design, an LED-filament can be fixed in such a way that the light from the LED is emitted in all directions (i.e. omnidirectional). This is unlike traditional LEDs, or SMDs as they are also known, which are surface mounted and are therefore only able to emit its light away from the surface to which it is mounted. This makes their light more directional or focused, which is good in some cases, but not all.


What is the benefit of an omnidirectional bulb?

Omni-LED bulbs are much better for general lighting purposes, particularly where you have a single bulb or pendant illuminating a room. In order to light the room properly an omnidirectional bulb is essential, otherwise you may get shadowing.

What bulbs do you have available in the Omni-LED range?

Currently we offer clear LED globes with a large Edison (E27) and large bayonet (B22). We also have a clear candle with small Edison screw (E14). All of these are available in warm white (3000K) and cool white (6000K).

In the near future we will be adding frosted options and broadening the number of fittings to include a small bayonet (B15).

Any questions about this product can be answered by our customer service team. Just call 0116 321 4120 or email