With so many purchase-worthy benefits of our LED lighting, it is unbelievable how many of these can save you money. From their efficiency to their composition, LEDs will always be kind to your bank account.

But, how can this be? We have crafted a simple list of all the factors proving that our illumination will definitely not burn a hole in your pocket.


Energy Efficiency

LEDs are known to have increased energy efficiency, especially in comparison with incandescent and halogen bulb. It is extremely impressive that they use low amounts of power and operate effectively on low voltage systems to drastically decrease your energy bills.

By using up to 90% of their power to produce light, versus the 20% an incandescent uses on illumination, LEDs cost less money to run and have a high quality of lighting.

Lifetime Lighting

Due to using the vast majority of their power to illuminate, LEDs will only use 10% of their energy on heat-wastage. This aids them to last longer as the inside components will not get too hot and be privy to wear and tear.

With a predicted lifespan of up to 20 years with a long 8 hours of usage a day, LEDs last up to 50% longer than their competitors and require much less frequent replacements to save you money on new bulbs every-other-month.

Loads’a Lumens

Lumens are a measurement of a light’s brightness and denoted as ‘lm’.

Many of our fittings come with integrated LEDs already to reduce the price of buying bulbs. They also contain more lighting to emit more illumination for your room. Considering many LEDs have higher lumen counts also, less fittings will be needed to brighten the space.

Not to forget that it also takes a lot less power to light a high lumen count of an LED than a CFL or incandescent bulb. For example, an 1100 lumen bulb would require 13 watts as an LED but 75 watts if an incandescent. The less power used, the cheaper your electric bills!

Minimal Maintenance

LEDs are renowned for their super easy un- and installation. Simply mounted onto the wall, ceiling or placed on a flat surface, our lighting will require little to no maintenance.

You will find that our fittings and bulbs are very easy to fit and can be done yourself, rather than spending money on an electrician to come and do this for you.

Dimmed Down

Many LED bulbs and fixtures now come with dimming capabilities. By using a trailing edge dimmer and reducing the brightness of the light, you will not only be increasing the lifespan but decreasing the amount of power require. Again, this will save you money as less is needed for bills and bulbs!

It is imperative to use a trailing edge dimmer to dim an LED, as not using one can destroy the light. If you like the look of your existing dimmer, simply purchase a rear module and install that to it.

Reduced Risk

We have plenty of fittings that come IP rated to reduce the risk of damage. IP ratings are used to illustrate the level of protection of the fitting. Made up of two numbers, the first is the protection against foreign bodies and the second is how water-resistant it is.

It is important bathroom, kitchen and outdoor fittings are rated a high IP as they are much less likely to result in being damaged and need replacing.


You can now start shopping and start saving! Don’t forget that you should always check out our promotions page before making a purchase for further offers.

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