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Benefits of LEDs

  1. LED Grow Lights – Weeding Out The Myths

    LED Grow LightsMore and more people are beginning to realise that energy-efficient LED lights are the most cost-effective form of illumination for their homes and businesses, but did you know that they have a great deal to offer as far as the agricultural industry is concerned as well? Continue reading →
  2. LED Lights Lead To Mooo-re Milk For Dairy Farmers!

    Two CowsA recent US study into the feasibility of using low energy LED lights on dairy farms has unexpectedly revealed that they could help dairy farmers increase the milk yield of their cattle by up to 6%. Continue reading →
  3. The Environmental Benefits Of LED Lights

    Earth GlobeEvery product we use has consequences for the environment, and light bulbs are no exception. The term for this is a “Carbon Footprint” and, by switching to LED lights and bulbs to provide your primary source of illumination, you can ensure that yours is as small as possible and that you do minimal harm to the environment, both while your bulbs are in use and during their entire life-time. Continue reading →
  4. The Case For LED Lighting In Social Housing

    Social Housing Using LED LightingThe Energy Saving Trust (EST) is a non-profit organisation that has tasked itself with providing free, impartial advice on energy saving practices. Back in 2009, they received government funding to run trials of LED lighting – in order to show once and for all that LEDs could deliver on their promises of reducing energy consumption and cost. Continue reading →
  5. University Adopts LEDs To Become Even More Enlightened

    Our universities are amongst the finest in the world. Historical seats of learning, they have been beacons of enlightenment, some for hundreds of years. But in these times of spiralling energy costs, are they doing everything they can to combat wastefulness and profligacy, and to instil high environmental ideals in the minds of their students? A Surprising Development On first...

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