Layering with LED Lights

Contemporary Living Room

As well as illuminating your home, your choice of lighting can help create the look and feel of a room. The best interior designs rely on a technique called "layering." Ambient, task and accent lighting are combined to create a visually interesting and functional space. And, of course, we have LED Lighting options to help you achieve all of these effects.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting refers to a room's general lighting. Typically provided by ceiling-mounted luminaires, such as pendants, downlights and tracks, ambient lighting is mainly for visibility and orientation.

Here's a tip - avoid LED Bulbs with a high colour temperature as they can end up making a space appear cold and clinical. Instead, use warm white LED Bulbs. They give a subtle, orangey-yellow light, which makes a room feel more intimate.

Task Lighting

Task lighting provides supplemental illumination for activities that require more light, such as reading, shaving and food preparation. Task lighting is typically provided by bright, localized light sources, such as desk lamps.

One of the most common types of task lighting is under cabinet lighting. By throwing a clear, bright light onto the kitchen work tops, it becomes easier to see when preparing food.

Our 12-volt LED Light Bars and single colour LED Strip Lights are ideal for task lighting.

Accent Lighting

Sometimes referred to as feature lighting, accent lighting is used to accentuate particular features of a room, such as paintings and ornaments. Accent lighting is typically brighter than ambient lighting as our eyes tend to focus on the brightest areas in our field of vision.

Imagine a room with a painting on the wall. If we only used ambient lighting in this space, the painting would not stand out. Now suppose we add a GU10 LED Spotlight with a narrow beam angle above the painting. The contrast in brightness between the painting and its surroundings accentuates the appearance of the painting.

The balance of light you use will depend on the type of room you are lighting. For instance, a kitchen or home office may require more bright task lighting, while a living room or relaxation area may benefit more from ambient and accent lighting.

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