Healthy Living And ExerciseWe’re a lot healthier these days. Everybody is quitting smoking and cutting down on their alcohol intake, so doesn’t it follow that we should choose the very healthiest form of light as well?

LED lighting is that healthy source of illumination, and you’ll find out why by reading just a little further.

LEDs Generate Very Little Heat

Incandescent light bulbs become very hot when they’re in use. This is because a huge percentage of the energy they consume is emitted as waste by-product heat. Not only can this be a potential fire hazard, but also makes them particularly dangerous to handle because they’ll burn you.

LED's don't get hot, so they won't burn your hands and the risk of fire is negligible.

LEDs Don’t Contain Mercury

CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Lamps) contain mercury vapour which is heated by a filament to produce light.

Mercury is a very toxic substance and is harmful to your health should the bulb be disposed of incorrectly or breaks.

Fortunately, LEDs contain no harmful substances and they’re perfectly safe to use and also 100% recyclable, so they’re more eco-friendly too!

LEDs Are More Robust

LEDs are made of tougher stuff than both fluorescent and incandescent types of light bulb. They are therefore less likely to break and cause subsequent injury.

LEDs Emit No UV Rays

Some bulbs emit ultra-violet radiation. Exposure to UV rays is known to cause premature aging and skin cancer, as well as eyestrain and headaches. LEDs don't emit UV, so are preferable health-wise.

LEDs Don’t Flicker

Lights that run on an AC (Alternating Current) system tend to flicker. This flickering isn’t always noticeable, but can lead to health problems regardless. Common complaints include headaches, eye strain and general discomfort.

The strobing effect that’s created by flickering lights can also be dangerous to people who work with fast moving machinery. It causes machines to appear as if they are moving more slowly than they actually are!

LEDs are supplied by a direct current (DC), resulting in very little or no flicker.

LEDs Are Completely Silent

Fluorescent lights emit a constant humming or buzzing sound. As well as being a distraction, this humming can cause irritability and fatigue.

LEDs are completely silent, making them much more pleasant to be around.

We were already aware that LEDs were more energy-efficient and cost-effective, but now we know they’re also better health-wise, there’s really no reason not to replace your existing bulbs with them.

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