Workplace  - Open Space - Office LED LightingMinimising costs and saving money is an integral part of any business. This applies across the board, from office supplies to bills.

For a manager or supervisor, lighting is a massive part of this. With this in mind, the benefits of LED lighting will definitely be of interest to you.

There are 2 main factors to consider when it comes to lighting a workplace – cost, and quality.


In the past, lighting a large workspace meant having a budget to match. Today, that is no longer the case thanks to low-energy, long lasting LED light. Despite costing more initially for the actual units, LEDs are far more cost effective in the long term.

It all stems from how efficiently they use their energy.

If you were to use a traditional halogen bulb, it would lose up to 80% of its energy to heat alone. This leaves just 20% to provide light.

Compared to this, LEDs only lose around 10% of its energy to heat wastage. This means that they ultimately use around 90% less energy than a halogen equivalent – saving massively on electricity bills.

A knock on effect of this is that LEDs also operate at much cooler temperatures, so they’re safer to use too.

With less heat passing through the internals of the light itself, there is much less wear and tear. This means that your LED lights last much longer than the competition – with most LEDs typically lasting up to 50,000 hours.

This is 2 times longer than your average fluorescent light, and an astounding 20 times longer than halogen bulbs.

Maintenance costs are significantly reduced because of this.

An LED field trial that was carried out by the Energy Saving Trust (EST) at the turn of the decade highlights the amount of money that can be saved when LEDs are used on a large scale.

Conference Room - Workspace With LED Lights


It isn’t just the cheaper cost of LED lighting that makes it an attractive option in the workplace – LED lights also offer a better quality of light too. Studies have shown that better quality lighting in the workplace can actually increase the productivity of your employees.

Again, let’s make a comparison. Conventional fluorescent tubes flicker and hum when they are on. As well as being a distraction, this can cause health problems such as eye strain and migraines.

LEDs however run on direct current, they don’t flicker and are completely silent. This makes them far more pleasant to be around and will create a more comfortable working environment.

More modern LEDs also have much higher colour rendering indexes (CRI) compared to when the technology first arrived on the market, with most LEDs typically having a CRI of at least 70.

As a result, colours are more accurately illuminated under LEDs. The same objects would appear washed out and dull under fluorescent tubes.

The Products

We currently offer a wide range of LED lighting options suitable for a workplace environment. Our T5 LED tube lights are a shining example. They are designed to replace your old fluorescent tubes, and they even look the same!

You’ll need to speak to an electrician to make changes to the fitment however.

We’d really recommend our 1200mm 4ft 16W T5 LED Tube Light. It provides 990 lumens yet only consumes 16W of energy. An equivalent fluorescent tube would use over 11 times more electricity at 90W!

A 180o beam angle ensures the light is spread out across your entire workspace.

Or for something a little bit more, why not have a look at some of our LED panel lights? Exactly as they sound, these panels of light are available in round and square varieties, and deliver a very bright but soft light for very little electricity.

Our Mirrorstone 12W Square Surface Mount LED Panel Light is a great option, as it can be mounted onto any flat surface such as concrete or plasterboard.

It uses just 12W to power 1200 lumens of light. For a fluorescent equivalent to keep up it would have to consume 80W – that’s over 6 and a half times the electricity!

LED lights are ideal for business owners who want to create a healthy and productive workplace. Not only will they save you money, but they’ll also make you money by increasing productivity.

We’ll be happy to answer any questions and discuss any lighting plans with you, just give us a call on 0116 321 4120.