LEDs come in many different varieties and we offer a wide range of fittings to dress them beautifully. But to really jazz up your lighting solutions and add an element of awe into your space, opt for our LED Strip Lights.

Their beauty does not come too easily. However, our basics guide will give you all the information and guidance you will need.

What Are LED Strip Lights?

LED Strip Lights are long lines of tape with small LEDs integrated into the base. With commercial grade 3M adhesive on the back, you can stick this flexible circuit board onto many surfaces.

Traditionally, Strip Lighting is used for accenting, backing and decorative purposes.

The Advantages Of Strip Lights

There are so many reasons why we just love our LED Strip Lights.

With increased flexibility, they can be stuck down onto uneven surfaces and even taken around corners. Without any possibility of damage, they can be bent back onto themselves and still be able to emit 100% brightness.

Be informed that these lights can emit different colours without the need of a filter. The RGB Strip Lights give you a choice of up to 16 different colours as standard whereas, with a remote – like the LED Pixel Tape – it can shine in thousands of colours.

To give you peace of mind, you can purchase IP rated lighting so you can dress your kitchen, bathroom or even outdoors with your Strip Lights. The IP68 nano option will keep the tape thinner by using a silicon coating, rather than wrapping the tape in thicker layer which prevents you from using aluminium profiles.

Find out about more benefits by taking a read of our LED Strip Light blogs.

Choosing A Driver

All LED Strip Tapes have a particular voltage and current requirement which are different from the mains input. A driver, often referred to as a transformer or power supply, will convert the 240 volts from your mains and step it down to either 12v or 24v in order to be compatible with the tape.

When selecting which driver to purchase, consider the power outlet you’re using and the wattage of your tape. You can then go for either a Plug ‘n’ Play driver, like the OptimX 100W 12V AC/DC Power Adapter, or a Mains Ready, such as the NeoPower Mean Well 150w HLG-150H 240V Transformer.

Please remember that there should be at least a 10% gap between the wattage of the driver and the Strip Lights to avoid any damage or strain.

The Package Deal

We offer a cutting and soldering service here at WLED. Your lights can be made-to-measure and your first 3 cuts are absolutely free.

If you want to use an Aluminium Profile to mount your tape, take a look at our LED Profiles. They can improve the life expectancy of the lighting has they act like a heat sink to cool the tape down and can increase lifespan up to 50%. The extrusions also have a stylish finish and you have the choice of either clear or frosted diffusers to match your style.

Over To You

It’s your turn to add some magical illumination to your home or space. Show us your masterpiece on social media via FacebookTwitter or Instagram with #WLEDAware.

If you want to ask a member of our team for any advice, you can give us a call in on 0116 321 4120 or email us at cs@wled.co.uk. We are always on-hand to help.