Reinventing Strip Lights as we know them, our NeoGlow and NeoFlex Strip Lights come in a wide selection of styles. They have a flexible profile, allowing them to bend into different shapes and be taken around corners with ease.

Take a look how the latest in LED Strip Lighting technology can take your interior décor to a whole new level of contemporary styling…

LED Strip Lights In Bedroom


Although strip lights are predominantly known for mood lighting, they can also be used for very practical reasons too. Under cabinet lighting is a great way to light up the functional areas of your kitchen. This makes it easier to focus and provides concentrated light to perform tasks, like cooking.

Considering lighting is a key component to a great kitchen design, treat yourself to the truly mesmerising Neon Tape. Experience the complete freedom to bend and twist into any shape for the most unique look!

Illuminate your kitchen with our Cool White (6000K) LED Strip Lights for a well lit and clinical atmosphere.

If you’re looking to create a modern, minimalistic décor, use this tape for a general glow. Not only this, it can feature as accent lighting because of its bright and direct light.

In comparison to Warm White, Cool White is far brighter and icier which is a lot closer to true white, meaning it can help you concentrate and stay alert.

Generally, younger people tend to pick Cool White (6000K) as they are set to prefer modern styling over more traditional designs. This is even more so the case nowadays, given that the minimalistic aesthetic is becoming increasingly popular.

LED Strip Lights In Kitchen


With stunning LED Strip Lights, it’s easy to create some eye-catching lighting effects in your bedroom.

Want to opt for something a little more creative and have more freedom with your bedroom lighting? Our RGB Strip Lights will be right up your street! From a games room to a child’s bedroom, our RGB Tape allows you to become a mood lighting master.

Did you know that our RGB LED Strip Lights are available in up to 16 million different colours? This means that the possibilities are endless with the illumination of your room reflecting your mood!

With our EasiLight range of remotes, you can alter the colour, brightness, mode and more at the touch of a button. Using the range of fun settings and modes, you can even create strobe lighting and more with our NeoFlex 20mm X 12mm Neon LED Strip Lights Digital RGB.

For a cosy environment, install Warm White (3000K) LED Strip Lights in your bedroom. These are perfect for relaxing under at the end of a long day. Not to mention, Warm White matches a range of colours so will complement any existing interior design, adding a timeless glow.

Besides adding to the interior décor, lighting creates a safe and comfortable environment. This is why it’s essential to get it right.

LED Strip Lights In Bedroom


Our LED Strip Lights are not just restricted to the indoors. Our IP67 rating options allows them to be mounted outdoors for a beautiful garden glow. This means depending on your choice, they can potentially protect against water at up to a 1m depth.

As our tape is flexible and can bend, twist and be reshaped as you see fit, it’s perfect for all outdoor jobs!

Not only are Strip Lights used outdoors because of their awe-inspiring appearance, they also add a layer of security to your home and deter crime. This is because the added light in your garden will put off potential burglars.

LED Strip Lights On Garden Steps

Living Room

A very popular choice is our Warm White LED Tape measuring 3,000 Kelvins on the colour temperature scale. The reason behind their popularity is due to Warm White strips closely replicating the shade of light emitted by traditional halogens bulbs.

Creating a cosy environment, the slightly yellow hue is perfect for relaxing at the end of a long day.

Due to its soft shade, this tape is great for general purpose illumination. It complements traditional décor, matching a wide range of colours. For those of us that prefer conventional styling, this colour temperature is perfect!

Our Day Light LED Strip Lights (4000K) combine the warmth and cosiness of Warm White as well as the modernised, sleek look of Cool White. If you’re looking for a mid-ground between the two, then Day Light is the perfect option for your home! Due to the flexibility it offers, it will match pretty much any kind of colour scheme and décor.

Strip Lights On Recessed Ceiling In Living Room


Perfectly suited for bathrooms, our two brand new ranges of tape are embedded in a bendy housing made of rubber. This allows freedom during installation as you can stick the tape to any surface and bend them around corners.

As with the other LED Strip Lights avaliable on our website, we offer a bespoke service where we can cut the tape at 10cm intervals. This means you can have custom lengths specifically made for your bathroom.

Strip Lights In Bathroom

If you believe our brand-new NeoGlow and NeoFlex LED Tape will enhance your interior décor, please do get in touch! Call our friendly customer service team on 0116 321 4120 or send us an email at Our dedicated LED Strip Lights team will be able to talk you through all the different options available and provide a custom quote based on what it is you require.

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