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Chloe Maitland

Chloe is one of the team’s youngest members, having chosen to pursue a career in Marketing through an apprenticeship. Her youth gives her an advantage for our team in that she isn’t shackled by years of habit – her age means that she brings a fresh pair of eyes to the content we create, which is a highly valued asset for everyone she works with. Since she started, she has developed a wide range of skills and abilities, focusing on graphic design and blog writing, whilst placing an emphasis on bringing LED technology to a younger generation of home owners!

  1. 5 Places To Use Your Brand New Neon Tape…

    Reinventing Strip Lights as we know them, our NeoGlow and NeoFlex Strip Lights come in a wide selection of styles. They have a flexible profile, allowing them to bend into different shapes and be taken around corners with ease. Take a look how the latest in LED Strip Lighting technology can take your interior décor to a whole new level of contemporary styling… LED Strip Lights In Bedroom Continue reading →
  2. 7 Reasons To Switch To LEDs

    In terms of the lighting industry, LEDs are certainly the most exciting technologically advanced type of illumination, and are still relatively new to the market. Light-Emitting diodes are an essential element that have been used in electronics for many years. Thanks to the light being strong enough to be used as substitutes, and worthy replacements, for incandescents and so-called ‘energy saving’ fluorescent bulbs, they’ve massively grown in popularity. Continue reading →
  3. The Halogen Ban Is Approaching…

    As of September 2018, halogen light bulbs will be no longer sold across Europe due to them being extremely inefficient. There’s no need to worry, as LEDs are the perfect replacement. Continue reading →
  4. LED Lights To The Rescue...

    Every year, thousands of seabirds and sea turtles die from getting unintentionally netted by fishermen. However, researchers are shining a light on ways to prevent this problem occurring. Continue reading →
  5. Japan’s Twinkling Tunnel of Lights Welcomes Visitors

    Beautifully breath-taking, Japan’s wildest light display is famed for using millions of LED light bulbs to depict astonishing scenes of nature from not only Japan, but around the world. Continue reading →
  6. Halogen light bulbs set to disappear from Australian stores

    As the industry and governments around the world pivot towards more efficient and environmentally-friendly LEDs, halogen lights are set to disappear from Australia within the next two years! Continue reading →
  7. LED Light Therapy- The Newest Technology In Skin Care Treatment!

    LED skin therapy, probably seen first on Instagram posts by the likes of Jessica Alba and half of the Kardashian’s is the latest skin-care breakthrough, and we can understand why… Continue reading →
  8. San Diego Light Up Their Convention Centre Using LED Lights!

    San Diego Convention Centre, a much respected building within the area, has added a new LED feature to make the building more lit than ever! Continue reading →
  9. LED Lights Used For A Successful Photoshoot!

    Lighting is extremely important when it comes to taking high-quality photos. This professional photographer has made the smart choice of using LEDs to light up his photos. Continue reading →
  10. Tottenham plan to include LED Lights outside of their new £850 million stadium!

    Tottenham Hotspur, a very successful English team competing in the Premier League, made the decision that they needed a change from White Hart Lane, their stadium since 1898. As a replacement, around 1,600 people are building a brand-spanking new stadium that is expected to cost around £850 million. The stadium, its name yet to be revealed, will have a little extra sparkle using LEDs on the outskirts of the structure. Continue reading →

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