Come meet the newest member of our LED strip tape family!

If you’re looking for an incredibly versatile strip tape that can enhance any space and wow your guests, then the 24V RGBW + CCT LED Strip Light is the absolute best option! What makes this LED strip light so special, and where can you use it?

CCT? What’s That?

We have several other RGB tapes available, but what makes this strip particularly special is the fact that this it comes with multiple white LED chips in addition to red, green and blue.

RGB tapes can create white lighting, but this is a composite white made up of other colours. It’s not a true white. A RGBW tape has dedicated chips devoted exclusively to producing white light, which leads to a pure white colour in your choice of colour temperature.

When you order your tape, you can select between three options in terms of colour temperatures.

  • RGB + Warm White
  • RGB + Cool White
  • RGB + Cool & Warm White!

Simply put, the first two can only produce warm white or cool white light respectively, while the third option can produce both, which can be adjusted to your liking on the fly with a compatible controller.

That last option is what makes this tape truly unique. By allowing you to choose between two distinctive colour temperatures, you can utterly transform the ambience of your room.

Which Colour Temperature Is Right For You?

Warm white makes for a truly relaxed atmosphere, helping create a cosier and more intimate feel. Cool white is a lot sharper and more focused, so it’s great if you’re aiming for a more modern tone, or if you need task lighting.

Colourful RGB lighting is fun and quirky, but it can also help create utterly unique atmospheres that you’d never considered before. By having access to so many options you can experiment freely and discover what works for you!

Customisable lighting is a new frontier in interior design. A slight shift in colour temperature can utterly reinvent a room. With this tape, you don’t need to commit to one or the other!

Where Can I Use It?

Simply put? Just about anywhere! The RGBW + CCT is our most versatile tape yet, meaning it can be used anywhere you like, as you can adjust the light it produces. This is on top of the general flexibility LED strip lights bring to the table, making them easy to install in unique ways.

One of the most popular places to install any kind of strip tape is in kitchens, particularly as under cabinet lighting. Imagine you’re hosting a dinner party. While you’re cooking, use the sharp and focused cool white to help you focus on what you’re making.

Then when your guests arrive, you could swap to a stylish purple or blue, something that will spark conversation (and a little jealousy)! Then, during or after dinner when everyone’s looking to relax and unwind, swap to warm white and enjoy!

Another popular location for strip tape is around gaming and TV set ups. Extra lighting around your screens can help reduce glare and improve your focus, or enhance the atmosphere of what you’re watching. The range of colour options complements this application perfectly.

Expertise Is On Hand

If your imagination has been captured by the range of possibilities this tape offers, get in touch with us today. We have experts on hand who can talk you what you need to make your lights shine at their best, and we can even set you up with our bespoke cutting service to get things absolutely perfect.

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