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Emma Reid

  1. Show Us Your Strip Lights To Win £100!

    Strip light displays look amazing, and we want to see yours! Read on to learn how yours could win you a £100 Amazon voucher. Continue reading →
  2. 5 LED Lighting Ideas For Your Kitchen.

    LED strip lights are an amazing finishing touch, but they’re especially popular in kitchens. We’re looking at some bright ideas for incorporating LED tape into your kitchen. Continue reading →
  3. Are LEDs Dangerous?

    Short Answer? No. Long Answer? Read on… Continue reading →
  4. LEDs In Shop Displays: A Match Made In Heaven

    LEDs are amazing anywhere, but if you own a shop then they could be the key to driving big sales! Here’s why… Continue reading →
  5. Fact Or Fiction: LED Light Therapy

    Have you seen those LED face masks on Instagram? We’re taking a look at what all the fuss is about. Continue reading →
  6. 3 Reasons To Use Solar Powered LED Floodlights

    Floodlights are a great way to power your home, but are solar powered models truly viable? Continue reading →
  7. Nottingham To Replace 34,300 Streetlights With LEDS

    LEDs are a key part of redeveloping cities to be greener and safer! Here’s what Nottingham city council are doing… Continue reading →
  8. Understanding Vampire Appliances And How Much They Cost You

    This week, we’re taking a look at vampires! No not the horror movie monsters, we’re looking at smart appliances, and how they can still consume power when you’re not using them. Continue reading →
  9. How To Save On Your Christmas Lights With LEDs

    Ever looked at a neighbour’s house that’s absolutely festooned in festive lights and wondered how much they cost to run? The answer might be less than you think. Continue reading →
  10. Upgrade Your LEDs with Aluminium Profiles

    LED strips are famous for the versatility, but not everyone likes the look of the bare strips. This is where profiles come in… Continue reading →

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