LED Flood LightsIf you’re tired of constantly having to replace your halogen floodlights when they fizzle out and give up the ghost, you should definitely consider investing in some outdoor LED lighting!

That’s right, because as direct replacements for halogen lights, LEDs simply cannot be beaten.

Replace Your Halogens With LEDs

Halogens are what are known as incandescent bulbs which, as the name suggests, means that they emit light as a result of being heated.

Thus, their major flaw is highlighted immediately, as heat in halogen lights is produced as a by-product, and an incredibly wasteful and destructive one at that. It not only causes them to be 10 times less economical than LEDs in terms of energy consumption, it also means that LEDs will last 10 times as long.

Compared to the measly 2000 hour life-expectancy of a halogen/incandescent light bulb, the LED’s 50,000 hours will seem like a lifetime, which indeed it is if you’re 17 years old!

The much-reduced energy requirement of LEDs will also result in them costing you a considerable amount less to run.

Significant Savings

For example, the 10W LED Floodlight will generate the same 900 lumens of light intensity as a halogen model that requires 100W of electricity to power it.

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that this is a 90% energy saving, but when you purchase it to replace your existing halogen floodlight and discover its money-saving potential, you’ll feel like the cleverest person in the room, and you will be!

Calculated assuming a usage of 8 hours per day for one year, with an electricity cost of 13.75p/kWh (Kilowatts per hour), one halogen floodlight will cost you £40.15 in electricity.  Compare this to the £4.01 that it’ll take to run an equivalently bright LED floodlight, and you’ll begin to realise the possibilities!

A Huge Variety To Choose From

Based on that saving alone you might wish to consider replacing all your outdoor halogens with fantastic, energy-saving LED floodlights as there’s an enormous range of them from which to choose.

There are the standard models, all of which are excellent halogen replacements. Available in a variety of wattages from the aforementioned 10W tiddler, to the 200W behemoth which emits an enormous 20,000 lumens, there’ll be one to suit your lighting and space requirements down to the ground.

There are opportunities to save even more money, when you purchase from the range of motion sensor LED floodlights, because these all-in-one units will only come on when they’re needed, thus further reducing the amount of electricity consumed.

With its wide 120° beam angle, this particular type of LED floodlight is particularly suited to home security applications, not only deterring opportunistic potential burglars, but also lowering your home insurance premiums by a considerable amount each year.

All those in the RGB (Red, Green, Blue) LED floodlighr range come complete with their own, dedicated RF (Radio Frequency) controller, enabling you to mix varying amounts of the three colours and to programme the lighting mode to your specific requirements. As it’s an RF device, it doesn’t require you to be in direct line-of-sight to your floodlight, so you’ll be control it from anywhere within a 100 metre radius.

Perfect For Outdoor Use

All of the above products incorporate a high IP (“Ingress Protection”) Rating, which makes them not only completely dust tight, but also totally immune to low-pressure, omni-directional jets of water.

You’ll also be able to replace all of your existing incandescent wall lights from the stunning range of LED Wall Lights and, not only that, there’s a whole cornucopia of LED Decking lights, that are primarily for outdoor applications, but you’ll also be able to install in the kitchen to provide some spectacular plinth or island illumination.

So, whatever your outdoor illumination requirements, you’ll find nothing better than LED lights!