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OMNIPlus Dimmable B15 3W OMNI-LED, Clear Candle


OMNIPlus Dimmable B15 3W OMNI-LED, Clear Candle

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  • 5 Years*Warranty

Key Features:
  • B15
  • Candle
  • 430LM
  • 3W
  • 35W
  • 240V AC
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  • Free ShippingOrders over £40

  • 14 DayCancellations

  • 5 Years*Warranty

Please note if you order the Warm White option, you will receive our new 4w range.

With a small, low cost power usage of only 3 watts, fully EU certified and featuring Mirrorstone OMNI-LED technology, the dimmable B15 3w OMNI-LED Clear Candle light is the best direct replacement for any 35w incandescent candle.

With its standard B15 fitting you can easily retro fit and swap your old candles out with these and commence on making savings of up to 90% rapidly.

This reduction in running costs is also complimented by the additional 5% bulk buy discount offered when buying 5 or more.

Beyond these two savings, you can also get up to another 20% off of your order through one of our consistently ran discount codes making for up to a total of 25% discount before the items have even been shipped!

Introducing OMNIPlus

With our OMNIPlus range of LED bulbs, you’ll be getting a more efficient, brighter bulb that outperforms our previous range by far. An improved aluminium heat sink means an even greater lifespan, so your lighting will shine for longer. Join the next generation of eco-friendly saving and upgrade today.

Save Money With The Closest Ever Halogen Replacement

Featuring 2 separate LED filaments which emit a high power light output and a clear glass finish, every 3w OMNI-LED candle can recreate incandescent light bulb more efficiently than any LED Bulb beforehand.

These two separate filaments give the 3w OMNI-LED Candle a full 360° spread of light and a bright light output of 330 Lumens. Like our full range of B15 LED bulbs, this also incorporates Warm White (3000K) and Cool White (6000K) to give you a wide enough range to find the colour that suits you.

Ordinarily, Warm White is used in living areas such as dining rooms and living rooms. It is also recommended for use in bedrooms and hallways. On top of this, Warm White is also highly recommended for use within traditionally styled rooms to compliment its decor.

On the flipside to Warm White, Cool White is used in rooms that require a clearer light output such as bathrooms and kitchens. Cool White is also used in rooms with a more modern styling and decor to it.

If you are still unsure on what colour temperature to choose or aren't sure on what will look best then refer to our guide.

Comparison between 3W OMNI-LED Candle Style And Its Older 35W Incandescent

New OMNI-LED Filament Technology Allowing You To Dim Your LEDs Like Never Before

Featuring a span across all standard E27, E14, B22 & B15 fittings and available in standard Globe, Candle and Golf Ball shapes the Mirrorstone OMNI-LED range will have a something that is suitable for you.

Earlier generations of LED Light bulbs used SMD LEDs to achieve their light output. As SMDs are surface mounted, the maximum beam angle the LEDs bulbs could achieve is 180°. We digitally took a first generation LED bulb apart to show the inside components and its inner workings.

Where the Mirrorstone OMNI-LED range differentiate is by making use of new OMNI-LED filament technology. Unlike original SMD LED Light Bulbs, the OMNI-LED range can achieve a full 360° omnidirectional light output like traditional incandescent light bulbs.

LEDs That Will Last Over A Decade And Save You Plenty

LEDs are esteemed for their capability to produce a light output equivalent to that of an incandescent bulbs whilst using up to 90% less power. This is due to the fact that incandescent lights use around 90% in heat energy so they run at ludicrously high temperatures. Not only can you save a large amount off of your light costs, but LEDs have a range of other benefits such as durability and even health benefits!

Previously mentioned OMNI-LED technology allows for up to a 30,000 hour life span. With an average usage of 7 hours a day, these bulbs will last up to 11 years! You can have over a decade of making savings of up to 90% and without the worry of changing your light bulb.

Extendable Warranty and 14-Day Cancellation Period

Every Mirrorstone products that we sell comes with a 2 year warranty as standard. This warranty is upgradable to a 5 year warranty free of charge, within the first 90 days of your order. This warranty is only extendable for LED spotlights, LED light bulbs and LED tape.

You also get 14-day cancellation period on your items to decide if they are right for you or if they need changing, be it colour, beam angle etc.

If you have any questions about the 5 year warranty, OMNI-LED technology, our wholesale prices or any other products we sell then please feel free to contact us by e-mail on or by telephone on 0116 321 4120.

More Information
Base B15
Style Candle
Lumens 430LM
Power 3W
Equivalent Wattage 35W
Input Voltage 240V AC
Height (mm) 98
Diameter (mm) 35
Life Hours 30,000
Beam Angle 360°
Dimmable Dimmable
Colour Warm White (3000K) and Cool White (6000K)
Warranty 2 Years Upgradable to 5 Years
Certification CE, RoHS
Brand Mirrorstone

4.77 Average

31 Reviews

Michael Reed

Product was as described and gives a good 360 degrees light however when used in a 5 bulb chandelier with a dimmer switch all 5 lights flickered, this was overcome by leaving one halogen bulb institu with 4 LEDs. I suspect this maybe something to do with dimmer switch not being compatible with the low current/wattage of the bulbs.

Reginald Ferris

Ideal lights for what I want. However, because they are on an old dimmer circuit I will need a new trailing edge dimmer switch to control the very low power requirements of these LED lights.

Peter Chandler

Product seems fine. The service and speedy delivery were excellent.


Good bulbs. Clear light Cannot tell how long each bulb will last but am hopeful will be longer than halogen bulbs.

Heather Hewson

Perfectly dealt with by led hut as was my previous order. Sadly the bulb was too long and wide for my sewing machine. I did ring up before I ordered but young lad couldn’t help never been asked for a sewing machine bulb before. It would be a perfect application for led because normal bulbs get hot and I’ve had many a burn. Just a thought for any manufacturer out there. !!

Nel Haynes

Thee are great - clear light and attractive appearance, reasonable price, delivered swiftly in sensible packaging.


Parts arrived just as ordered superb thankyou

Rekha Wadia

Michael Batchelor

Excellent product and level of illumunation is as good as conventional lighting systems. The saving in running costs is yet to be proven.

Tim Rusling

Excellent Service. Can't fault any of the stage in the process

John Maynard

Bought 3 of these to replace halogen bulbs in a single chandelier type light. This is the only place I could find selling this exact spec (filiment, dimmable, B15 fitting), so top work to the company for that. However, the 3 bulbs together didn't play nicely - they were dim, and the flickering that you can get with some LED lights was very pronounced. I swapped one bulb back to the halogen and the other two then performed exactly as expected. So not sure if it's a problem with the wiring or the bulb. Summary: Recommended in singles or pairs.

Geoffrey Truman

Works well with dimmer and nice soft light

Wendy Bradford

William Lyons

Great bulbs and flicker free at low light levels. Nice warm light too!

Ian Miller

Christopher Langmead

This is a good quality item and an excellent replacement for a standard filament bulb. I fitted it in an 'antique oil style' lantern and it looks the part - even when not lit!

Richard Lyons

The bulbs are attractive when switched off and look a bit like a normal incandescent - which is important in the light fittng we use them in. Very bright and super smooth dimming down to a gentle glow. Better than I expected in all respects.

Michael Meredith

Early days yet but no problems, dimmer switch seems fine with them, only gripe was with post office for extra day to deliver even though I paid for 24 hour delivery

Diana Jones

Look really good. Don't have the large plastic base that some bulbs have so that's a big bonus. Same size as the bulbs that I'm replacing which is good as some bulbs I've looked at are slightly larger. Good quality feel and very happy with the light brightness etc.


i bought these to replace my old style bulbs. I was very happy with he quality and service i have received from wholesaleledlights, With peace of mind knowing my bulbs are covered for at least two years ! these look great i will be replacing all of the bulbs in our house over the next few weeks

Linda Benham

Very pleased with the bulbs.

Alastair Gow


Superb bulbs. Instantly on, unlike the fluorescent low wattage bulbs they replaced, which warmed up gradually. They are also shorter, so don't poke out over the light shade. My only problem is that I shall have to re-install a dimmer. Although the fluorescent bulbs were not dimmable they were rather feeble. At 175W equivalent my ceiling light is now rather bright!

Katharine Sice

Great product, looks great on or off can't fault them. Dimmer works perfectly. Brilliant!

Simon Harris

Look fantastic in my chandelier, with my new dimmer. Completely out shine my old bulbs! Thanks Neil.

Donald Stevens

Superb. I can't believe I actually found somewhere selling B15 candle bulbs, everywhere else had nothing but screw in types. When they're on they look exactly like a normal clear bulb. Very happy I found the site and I'll definitely see what else I can replace now.

Barry Peacock

Good product, I thought at first quite expensive for a bulb, but with the guarantee they should well out last the halogen bulbs I have been buying. They where £2 + each and lasted on average 6 months. So with the energy saving also I should be well into pocket.

Gill Wyles

Fast delivery - bulbs look good and if they have the predicted long life are well worth the money.

John Thorpe

Great light, cannot believe only 3W each. We had halogen in candle types that were 28W, cost £2 but were blowing every 6 months. I think they were getting too hot. On this basis, even at £9 a bulb, we are going to be quids in with LED - especially as they carry a 5 year guarantee! It's what we should have waited for before dumping incandescents, the compact fluorescents were a scam from the start and I've banned them from the house now, and clearly halogens are just not suitable replacements - and still burn a lot of electricity. LED is the only way forward.


These are very attractive filament light bulbs that look great in my hall and landing and also look very neat in the chandelier although the beauty of them is somewhat hidden there. As filament LED candle bulbs are so new, they are mostly for SES fittings only. These are the only ones I have seen with an SBC (B15d) base. They are also dimmable (though I didn't test this) and quite powerful for a candle bulb.

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