Spring is officially here and that means Spring Cleaning, April Showers and a home décor revamp!

Gone are the Winter Blues, fluffy furniture and Christmas reds. How can you turn your home from Winter Wonderland to Spring Spectacular with on-trend illumination?

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With our feet firmly into Spring, it is time to make a few minor changes to your home and stay on-trend. Without turning the whole house around and spending too much money, one way to keep fashionable for less is to make some lighting changes.

Usually being the centrepiece of each room, illumination plays a main part of your décor. Not to mention that further using lamps and more, will add to the overall aesthetic of the home.

There are three dominant trends set for this Spring including Art Deco, Geometric and Minimalism. So, we have hand-picked our favourite fittings that will keep you fancy and fashionable.

1920s: Divine Deco

Concerned with the age of Artisan and all things Art Deco, the 1920s was the grand decade of The Great Gatsby. It bought copper, diamonds and decadence firmly into the forefront of anything in fashion. It included subtle nods to the Renaissance period, used Brass accents and spaces were softly kissed by shades of pastel pink.

Draw the eye up with a perfect Pendant Light. The Regina Gold Electric Mesh Pendant is coated in gold and is a mesh dome so you can still be the bulb underneath. Measuring 1350mm x 275mm, it will remain dominant in the room and will add a feminine look. The domed structure creates an inviting, softer edge and will make the space look warm.

Or go the opposite with the chrome Cavendish Acrylic Beaded Basket Shade Pendant. With loosely hanging strings of acrylic beads and then being gently scalloped from the bottom, this is a great pick for a dining room as it adds a regal touch and still is relaxed with the draped hang of the beading. Use this with a dimmable bulb so you can turn down the brightness on an at-home date night

Decorate with Table Lights. Keep it simple with the Gold LED Designer Round Table Light. Two rings of 1800lm integrated light sit on a rectangular base and look great in a smaller bedroom as it won’t dominate the space. It is also equipped with a 3-Step-Touch-Dimmer so you can alter the mood whenever you please. If your office is in need of some extra illumination, style it with the Boisdale Modern Black Marble Stone Round Lamp With Amber Glass Chimney. Sized at 400mm x 230mm, this lamp has a marbled base for the perfect Art Deco vibe. This lamp looks classy with the marble but the warm tone of the amber will keep you calm and comfortable in a busy environment.

Your bedroom will be incomplete with the 2 Way Savoy Bronze LED Wall Light. Straight from a scene in Beauty And The Beast, this bronzed wall light has two curled arms and a pull-cord to switch it on and off. The frosted bowl shades will gently diffuse the light upwards and this fitting is an easy way to add some crowning glory to your bed.

Art Deco was the era of bright, piercing light. Opt for LEDs in Cool White to match the period and see clearly in all rooms.

1970s: Gorgeous Geometry

The 1970s was the decade of The Beatles, discos and welcomed the invention of the mobile phone with open arms. It threw geometric prints, explosions of mustard tones and mis-matches into the limelight. With a colour of form of expression and life being something to be thoroughly lived, 70s illumination was fun and the frontline of funky home décor.

With hints of mustard, the Calumet Tapered Cement Electric Pendant Shade has a colder look due to the concreate finish but is made warmer from the strip of mustard along the bottom. It would look incredibly stylish in a kitchen and will add a quirk without crossing into territory that’ll have guests wandering “What were they thinking?”

Sticking with the mustard tones, the Jewel Tiffany Non Electric Uplighter Amber looks like a stunning origami flower. Structured as a bowl shape, this small shade will work in any room. Tiffany style lamps, in general, are decorative and will always pull in attention as a stand-out piece.

With a glorious marriage of colour and geometry, the Anneka Skandi White & Blue/Grey Table Lamp is a cylindrical fitting that makes use of triangles to create a stunning pattern. It can be placed on a simple side or coffee table in the living room to cast some accent light over the space when the overheads are off.

Take a look at our new Multi-Coloured Mesh Balls Set Of 12 Warm White Battery Operated 2.5m LED Fairy Light. Strung up along a mantel piece, on a wall or from the ceiling, this set of fairy lights are stored under red, blue, yellow and teal mesh cages. Mesh was a big influence in the 70s and provided a homey look whilst still being light and airy.

Spring means we can finally step outdoors without shivering! Sit around the Mosaic Solar Light Table Centerpiece LED Garden Dining Lamp after it has charged up during the day with solar power. It’s coloured acrylic gems that will cast a beautiful rainbow shine onto the surface. Hide the solar panel by turning it upside down at night to wow your friends and family.

2010s: Modern Minimalism

The 21st Century has seen a low-key take on fashion and has put a new look to “Less Is More.” With the rise of a nude colour palette, minimalism and a craving for cosiness, the 2010s are looking for a sustainable and timeless aesthetic. There is a universal adoption of the Danish Hygge lifestyle and furnishings and illumination are no exception.

The ICONIC Satellite Chrome 5 Way Ceiling Light is a striking fitting at 700mm x 450mm. With the lighting hidden under global frosted shades, it adds that sleek contemporary feel and will warm up your dining space. With an astronomical feel, it spikes out and stretches across the space.

Take a look at the Goma Light Wood Ring NE Pendant Shade for an added natural element. An open plan spherical structure, this large pendant is made up of curved strips of light wood – leaving the bulb exposed and bring a touch of nature inside.

A fancy and decorative fitting is the ICONIC Satellite Chrome Table Lamp. On a flat tripod base and two arms as a base, a found frosted ball shade diffuses lighting and will spruce up your bedroom whilst maintaining a timeless elegance.

You can also opt for the Kio 2 Way LED Wall Light for a slick fixture. Built like two batons, this fitting has a chrome band in the centre for sleek simplicity.

Don’t neglect your homes exterior as day start to get longer. The IP44 Brushed Stainless Steel LED Outside Garden Wall Light can sit by your front door to soften the outside of your home but also acts as a tool for safety. It is IP44 rated to last through any weather. For decorative Outdoor Lighting, the Set Of 20 Solar Crystal Ball Garden Outdoor LED String Lights - Cool White is a stunning string of LEDs. Integrated with Cool White light you can wrap this fitting around trees, from wall to wall or even drape gently along any edge for a whimsical aesthetic.


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