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  1. Fact Or Fiction: LED Light Therapy

    Have you seen those LED face masks on Instagram? We’re taking a look at what all the fuss is about. Continue reading →
  2. These LED Headlights Are Hella Good

    LEDs are super flexible in their usage. From colour-changing strip lights to brilliantly energy-efficient LED light bulbs, there’s something special for every home. But what about outside the home? What about on your car?... vw touareg Continue reading →
  3. What Do The Colour Of Your LEDs Say About You?

    Colour Palette LED lights come with many advantages. One of the great things about them is the fact that they can emit any colour without the need for any filters, unlike older halogen or fluorescent lights. This gives you a lot of choices when picking a colour – but how much does your character influence which colour you choose? Continue reading →
  4. Border Of Light: LED Monument Remembers Fall Of The Berlin Wall

    Border Of Light: LED Monument Remembers Fall Of The Berlin WallWe’ve become used to seeing LED lights used for practical purposes more than anything else, and suggesting how a particular spotlight would look great in your kitchen. We’re delighted to see then, that LEDs have been used for something far more poignant and touching. Continue reading →
  5. Incredible LED Lighting Is Perfect For Your Garden!

    Summer, Sky And A Flower It’s summertime, and our thoughts invariably turn to long, lazy afternoons spent in the sun, followed by balmy evenings sipping wine around the barbeque. Whether you have a diminutive back yard or an enormous garden, choosing the right type of outdoor lighting is really important, so it’s always good to know your options. Continue reading →
  6. Iceberg Hits Montreal With Stunning LED Light

    Iceberg Hits Montreal With Stunning LED Light If you were to hear that an iceberg had hit Montreal, you probably wouldn’t believe it as the city is situated 216 metres above sea level. However, an interactive, architectural, light and sound installation has in fact hit the largest city in the Canadian province of Quebec, and it’s been going down a storm with locals and tourists alike. Continue reading →
  7. Rock Unique Find An Imaginative Use For Our LED Strip Lights

    Quartz LEDs Rock Unique, a UK-based natural stone supplier, approached Wholesale LED Lights recently, with a rather unusual project in mind. Continue reading →
  8. LED Lights Are Hot Competition For Incandescent Bulbs!

    Halogen vs LED It's a well-known fact that LEDs generate a lot less heat than incandescent bulbs. But how much less do they generate? Continue reading →
  9. LED Lights Help Researchers Track The Movements Of Snails

    Snails A team of researchers from the University of Exeter, led by Dr. Dave Hodgson, have been using LED lights to track the movements of snails at night. Continue reading →
  10. Newcastle’s Toffee Factory Gets A Sweet New LED Lighting System

    Newcastle’s Toffee Factory How would one go about taking an abandoned warehouse built in 1878, and turning it into a modern, stylish, high-end office space? RGB LED lights isn’t a bad way to go at all. Continue reading →

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